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Sharing with the PI

A super simple way to share files and folders with your Mac over the network, install netatalk.

Again I guess there is a zillion ways to get this done. This is how I did it.

Log in to you PI. How you do that is your choice. I used terminal on my Mac and ssh’d in to the PI.


sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install netatalk


sudo /etc/init.d/netatalk stop

Stop the netatalk service while the config file is edited

sudo vim  /etc/netatalk/AppleVolumes.default

Now I use vim to edit the file. It doesn’t matter what you use to edit the file, any editor will do. At the very end of the AppleVolumes.default file is the section we are going to edit. Look for…

# The line below sets some DEFAULT, starting with Netatalk 2.1.
:DEFAULT: options:upriv,use dots

Now add to the end of the :DEFAULT line this ,rw this will set your home directory to Read & Write. While you have the file open check the lines below…

# By default all users have access to their home directories.
~/                      “Home Directory”

The line should look like the above. These are your shares as you will see them in finder. You can of course add and edit as many as you wish. Me, I kept it simple with only my Home Folder being shared.

Then the last step is to restart netatalk

sudo /etc/init.d/netatalk start

Thats it now open finder and select your RaspberryPI in the sidebar and click connect. You will have to enter your username & password for the PI and not you Mac

Thats it.

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