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I worked hard…

Phew. This picture could have represented my fate. Fortunately I’ve been saved. No longer will be held hostage. No longer will I be discriminated against. No longer will I be asked to quit my position because it was deemed I couldn’t do my job by someone who couldn’t do theirs. No longer will it be suggested that I was only working there to have something to write on my CV. No longer will I be the dumping ground for all those tasks no one else wanted or perhaps just to make their day easier. No longer will I have someone looking down their nose at me. No longer will I be second.

This could have been my fate.

I worked hard.

Yet despite it all I enjoyed working there. My decision to leave was not easy to make. I enjoyed working with my peers. I enjoyed the diversity of my work. I enjoyed the challenges and rose to meet them. I would have stayed if I were able to take unpaid leave to visit my family in Europe as laid down in my contract.


June 27, 2014 | By More