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Blog v3.0 Life v48

After some hard core thinking and well a minor period of inactivity I looking and planning an update. I want to incorporate a personal blog & retain my (few) techie ramblings but keep it easy to read. I’m not a huge Facebook fan (to say the least) and although I do have a small social circle I want to be able to extend the few posts I do make. I’m living far away from from my friends and family and maintaing that link is extremely difficult and through my site here I would like to maintain and grow that link.

My ideal would be a portal type of site, with a single blog running behind that. I have been looking at a couple of news aggregation sites and I kind of like that format. Some news from various sites, my blog posts highlighted on the from page and somewhere in to that mix a feed and links to my Flickr photo streams. I’m not much of a coder so a template that I could mould would be the best initial direction for me.

And so…

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