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Duet: A great iOS app

I’ve been using AirDisplay between my Macbook Air and iPad for sometime and on the whole I’ve been very happy with the setup. Its great to be able to use my iPad as a second monitor and extend my desktop’s display in to it. AirDisplay make the connection between desktop and iOS over a wireless network and there is some lag on slower networks. Although this has never been a huge problem it has at times frustrated me a little.

Today however I received an email form Duetdisplay with their release of the app Duet. They too are offering to extend your desktop on to your iOS device but buy utilising the lightening cable. I have just installed the iOS and the OS X apps and I have to say I’m seriously impressed. There is no lag at all and the resolution looks a lot sharper. The only downside at present is only being able to use one device at a time. AirDisplay allows the connection of multiple devices. Again not a deal breaker for me as I only tend to use my iPad.


If you want to extend your desktop Duet is a great solution and its super easy to set up.

Link to iTunes: Duet

Link to Website

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Backing up iOS purchases

I keep my iTunes Library on an external Hard Disk. Nothing wrong with that I guess. Well that is until your external disk fails. Then you have lost all of your purchases and music. 

All is not lost however if your disk fails there are some steps you can take to download all your apps.

Firstly connect your iOS device to iTunes and transfer purchases. This will copy all the paid content from you device in to your iTunes Library.

Secondly you can re-download all your purchases from the App Store through iTunes.

Open iTunes if you haven’t already. I’m on iTunes 12 here but the steps and buttons should be labeled the same only in different places. 

Select Apps and the click the App Store button

Now scroll down to the very bottom of the App Store window and look for the ‘Features’ label.
Now click on ‘Purchased’ and you should be taken to all of your purchases for your account.
From here you can download all of your purchased music, tv shows, movies and apps.
Depending on your connection speed this could take some time.

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iOS 8 Screen Recoding in Yosemite

This has been documented all over the internet and this is yet another post on the subject. But this is such a neat trick I wanted to post to my own site, more as a place for me to find it later than to have to search. Yes, I’m getting on in years and my memory isn’t as sharp as it used to be. Thats my excuse and I’ll be sticking to it.

So here is how to record you iOS device’s screen in as few-a-steps as possible. 

Connect you device to you Desktop or laptop with a lightening cable

Open quicktime player: Press command+space and type Quicktime and then press Enter/Return

With Quicktime open press Command+Option+N. A window will open with your isight camera view, most likely of yourself.

To the right of the red record button there is an inverted triangle. Click this and you will see your iOS device listed.

Select your iOS device and a new window will open with your iOS devices screen in it.

To record your screen move the mouse pointer in to the iOS Devices screen and that red record button will reappear. Click it to start recording.

Six simple steps to record your iOS Devices screen. This is a great way to record demo’s of your iPhone or iPad’s screen. Great for the use in presentations etc.

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Blogging Clients….

I’m testing a few clients on my iPad. I have been mainly writing and posting from my Laptop. But of late I have taken to using my iPad more. I tend to spend some time visiting my local Starbucks and with the weather being so warm its a sweaty job humping my Laptop bag around. This has limited my productivity some as I expected.

So the purpose of this post is to start the testing of the numerous blogging clients and see if I can find anything that allows me to create, edit, post complete with tags, categories, links and images all from my iPad.

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